Speaker Success Solution – Chapter 1: How to work the afternoon-dip

As mentioned in the Speaker Success Solution if you are faced with an audience after lunch or dinner when the stomach is asking for more attention than the audience can give to you, you need to help them to return to you.

If you know the stomach is asking attention you need to distract that and make with movement more attention to the mind again.

Any kind of physical activity will help.

For example

  • Walking around and sharing experience from before lunch.
  • Fun games as let them do a physical exercise as clapping hands together a team
  • neck-massage to their neighbour
  • Dancing or at least some energetic music when the re-enter the room will help
  • Rearranging the room, let them sit-down after they are seated at least to rows different.
  • The simple act of standing up can wake the body up. Standing burns twice as many calories as sitting and raises your heart rate. Doing it multiple times to create a wave in the audience not only increases the energy of the room, but also gets the audience to do something together.

What won’t will be a helping tool is anything what requires a lot of focus, deep thinking, or adapting something totally new for them. That would be a wrong timing for them to get what you want to give them.

Warning: if you have an audience that isn’t use to any kind of activity let them know the why of the movement you let them make. An audience that knows why if far more cooperative than an audience that feels forced into something they don’t know why they have to do what you say.