Speaker Success Solution – Chapter 1: The three step exercise to get into the ‘Speaker State’

Recently I coached for TEDx a senior speaker. He got 6 minutes for his talk. Oh boy, he worked hard to get the right words, tonality and bodylanguage over four sessions of coaching. The fifth session he knew exactly what to say and how to say it and he started to doubt himself.

The Fifth session we only worked on the speaker state.

This is what I learned him to do:

Step 1

  • Make in your minds-eye contact with the audience before you see them for real
  • Bring yourself in to the right energy that fits the audience

Step 2

  • Take your position in front of your audience
  • Make eye-contact while you take a couple of deep breaths
  • Fill your whole spine with your message to give
  • Stand up tall and straight

Step 3

  • Start speaking with the mind-set of serving your audience with what you are saying
  • Feel physically there is a line, tension between you and the audience of giving and taking.
  • Leave your ego at home

If you feel a lot of fear there is still focus on you and not from you towards the audience. If you get lost in fear of speaking you are not beyond ego, you are not serving the audience.

If you are shaking: realise that’s you spirit, your power waiting to come through you, not fear…

If you give yourself a problem of fear the problem gets you. There is no fear or difficulty to get into the speaker state

The pure speaker state is: here I am, speaker and I here to help you with….pure to share and to serve. I know by now: there is no longer room for fear or hesitation.

You can do it too.